Repair, Restore, Recharge: Alumnae and Fellows Only Retreat for the New Year

Start 2008 by reconnecting with Woodhull – and yourself. Come to the Woodhull retreat center over the long Martin Luther King,Jr. weekend and use this “house of one’s own” to repair, restore, and recharge as you begin a new year. This alumnae-only retreat will balance optional mini-modules taught by our in-house experts with free time that you can use to relax, reflect, and rebuild your own projects. Mini-modules will feature information on cultural literacy, conflict resolution, activism, and stress reduction. You will be able to refresh your ethical leadership skills as well as harness your personal power to lead compassionately in 2008.

The formal programming for this retreat will take place on Saturday,
January 19th and Sunday, January 20th; the cost to participate in this
alumnae-only retreat is $100. Alumnae are welcome to spend the entire
long weekend – Friday-Monday, January 18-21, 2008 – at the retreat
center. Meals will be provided on Friday and Monday for an additional
fee to alumnae who sign-up in advance; these prices are listed are
listed below:

* Alumnae-Only Retreat (Programming, Food, Lodging): $100
* Friday lunch: $15
* Friday dinner: $15
* Friday night lodging: complimentary
* Sunday night lodging: complimentary
* Monday breakfast: $10
* Monday lunch: $15

Future Alumnae Retreat: Advanced Negotiation & Financial Literacy

The Woodhull Institute is planning an Alumnae Retreat in Ancramdale, NY focused on two important skills for personal and professional ethical leadership development – negotiation and financial literacy. The goal of this retreat is to further the introductory skills you gained at your initial Woodhull retreat, and to re-connect with the goals and dreams you envisioned for yourself at that time. You will also have the opportunity to meet new alumnae in the Woodhull community.

Negotiation is a form of ethical transaction. We are all called upon to be negotiators in both our personal and professional lives. Regardless of the content of any particular negotiation, we are often tapping into our own personal experiences, values and beliefs. As we become conscious of our role as negotiators, we are able to approach the experience with greater intention and confidence.

This day-long workshop with Monica Meehan McNamara will be an opportunity for participants to examine their style of negotiating, and to work on specific skills they would like to develop. We will explore the elements of negotiation and identify how to utilize them in ways that allow us to communicate most effectively. Attention will be paid to the aspect of relationship in negotiation and how best to foster connection, even in the midst of disagreement. Finally, each participant will increase their understanding of the physical and emotional stress factors that can derail our negotiation potential.

Following this weekend workshop participants will:
• Identify the specific elements of their individual ‘style’ of negotiation
• Recognize the effect of emotion and stress in the negotiation process
• Develop confidence in entering into both personal and professional negotiations

Financial Literacy

Being financially literate and engaged is more than just understanding money, numerically; it’s about understanding the relationship between your choices and your personal finances. Expanding on your introduction to “Stop Treating Your Money So Poorly”™ at your first Woodhull retreat, Jacquette M. Timmons will lead you through the second level of this program, an advanced training designed to provide participants with the mechanical tools to improve their financial situation. We will explore strategies for meeting not only your financial obligations, but also for achieving your goals and dreams. The expanded format will allow also time for exploring personal scenarios that participants desire help with.

Following this weekend workshop participants will:
• Understand their financial behavior and patterns
• Establish a relationship between their goals and saving and investing
• Understand basic economics and investing in capital markets
• Determine which investment tool (with particular focus on mutual funds) is best for them and how to create/manage a portfolio of investments
• Learn to maximize tax deferred investment opportunities through their employer or other means

Taking responsibility for personal finance, as well as learning to be active in a negotiation can lead to personal empowerment and a capacity to realize attainable goals. In so far as the focus of this weekend will include both financial literacy and negotiation the presenters will take time to examine the ways in which these topics are interrelated.

About the presenters:

Monica Meehan McNamara, MA, Lic. MFT, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Boston, Massachusetts. A former Visiting Research Scholar at Wellesley College, Center for Research on Women, she has been engaged in an ongoing projects working with girls and women on their experience of body image. She has been a consultant to the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation for the last twelve years. She is currently involved in a collaboration with the Program on Negotiation to create a teaching module to integrate the core concepts of negotiation with issues pertaining to middle and high school aged girls.

Jacquette M. Timmons, a national investment expert and financial coach, is the founder of Sterling Investment Management, Inc., an investment education and financial coaching firm launched in 1995. She began her career with Bankers Trust Company (now Deutsche Bank) where she spent most of her tenure in the Private Bank. Ms. Timmons has worked in the investment industry for 20 years and has worked with a myriad of clients ranging from non-profit organizations, family foundations, governmental agencies, multi-national corporations and high-net-worth individuals providing services that ranged from managing million dollar portfolios to conducting economic literacy workshops. Today she focuses exclusively on helping people maximize their financial power via financial education. She has dedicated the last ten years to teaching intelligent people how to be smarter with their money utilizing a step-by-step process and financial guide that she developed. Ms. Timmons holds an MBA in finance from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business and a bachelor of science in marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology.