Can i Designate its Use?

Your donation can be directed towards any of the following funds:

Scholarships for Low-Income Students

We rely upon donations in order to offer our program and support operations, since tuition fees do not cover the costs of training our students. Additionally, we are proud of our record in having identified and trained many extraordinarily gifted young leaders from low-income backgrounds. We are committed to continuing to reach out intensively, in partnership with advisory gatekeepers working with young people in low-income communities such as America’s Promise, and The Association of Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organizations, to find the most promising students of all backgrounds to become Woodhull graduates. But that commitment to seeking out the best and most idealistic young leaders, especially those who have shown leadership and integrity in the face of economic and other hardships, means that many of the women who attend our retreats cannot afford the cost of their tuition or travel. It is the policy of the Woodhull Institute to award scholarships to those young women who can best profit from a Woodhull experience, regardless of their ability to pay. We must seek additional funding in order to do so.

A gift in any amount may be designated for our scholarship fund. Scholarships are awarded on an as-needed basis for those applicants to Woodhull who have shown through their personal accomplishments that our program can help them on their next step to success and service to their communities and to the larger community as a whole.

A gift to the scholarship fund may be made in honor or in memory of a friend or family member. An appropriate acknowledgement card will be sent, by our office, in your name.

Educational Series

A gift of $250 may be designated to underwrite one of our monthly Dinner/Discussion Groups. This monthly educational series will be conducted in our Manhattan office and will be led by mid-career Ethical Leaders whom we have asked to share their expertise in specific fields of concentration that we have chosen in order to bolster and deepen our initial training, offer the alumnae a continually enriching world of role models and mentors, show them various career, work/family and activism paths, and support the alumnae over time in their own development as leaders, workers, family members, and citizens.

Professional development topics slated for 2003 include: Advanced Negotiations/Ethical Negotiating; Financial Literacy/Philanthropy and the Ethics of Using Money; Building a Career in the Media/The Ethical Use of Communications; Clear Writing Workshops; Resume Preparation Workshops; Starting a Non-Profit Organization; Basic Fundraising; How to Run for Office/Ethical Campaigning; Work/Family Balance – Having a Life; and How to Be Mentored/How to Mentor. Your donation will be acknowledged as we introduce the program; in all of our literature pertaining to this series; as well as in our newsletters, which reach our member community of over a thousand recipients.

Program and Operations

A gift in any amount may be designated for program and operating expenses. Program development, curriculum writing, and general organizational operating funds are necessary to ensure that Woodhull supplies the best possible program to its constituency. Woodhull strives to consistently update its curriculum and develop new topical curriculum to assist our current alumnae and reach out to the most promising young leaders of the next generation. Your gift for program and operations helps to ensure the quality of our offerings.

A gift designated for program and operations may be made in honor or in memory of a friend or family member. An appropriate acknowledgment card, will be sent by our office.